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USDA shared resources at our Town Hall - Find them here

At our live Town Hall with USDA last week, as they answered the CACFP community's questions there were references to websites and resources. We have rounded all of those up and compiled here. Take a look to find the best practice fact sheets for remote monitoring, resources on ounce equivalents and many more.

When answering questions around waivers, Angela Kline, referred us to the USDA coronavirus website which lists all of the waivers:

  • USDA Coronavirus Homepage (link): Access all waivers and flexibilities here

  • Team Nutrition Coronavirus Homepage (link): Resources to help serve grab and go meals and handwashing

There were, of course questions around remote monitoring and USDA recognizes that this is different and can be difficult navigate. They recommend working with your state agencies to ensure CACFP local operators ensure everyone is working together.

  • Best Practices for Off-site Monitoring from USDA (link)

There are Team Nutrition resources in Spanish and Team Nutrition released CACFP recipes in Spanish this week! Be sure to follow Team Nutrition on Twitter and sign up for their newsletter.

  • CACFP Recipes in Spanish - serving size 6 (link)

  • CACFP Recipes in Spanish - serving sizes 25-50 (link)

  • Newsletter: Scroll Down to the Bottom and Enter your Email Address (link)

  • Twitter: @TeamNutrition (link)

More on Recipes.

  • 50 new CACFP standardized recipes have been released for CACFP child care and adult care centers, as well as family child care homes. (link)

  • Multicultural child care recipes standardized to meet at least one CACFP component (link)

  • More Team Nutrition Recipe Options (link)

Farm to School Grants do not require an organization to be a part of a school this year! That means that CACFP non-profit sponsors are eligible to apply this year. Applications are due on January 8, 20201.

  • Learn about it our the Roundtable Blog Post (link)

  • Directly on (link)

  • Resources for applicants (link)

  • Additional Farm to School Resources and information (link)

Team Nutrition has training materials for Ounce Equivalents and the infant meal pattern.

  • Feeding Infants Using Ounce Equivalents for Grains in CACFP - English (link)

  • Feeding Infants Using Ounce Equivalents for Grains in CACFP - Spanish (link)

  • There are a plethora of training materials for training regarding the Ounce Equivalents. Team Nutrition has an entire resource page dedicated to it. This includes training worksheets, digital tools, recorded webinars and policy documentation. (link)


Do you have a favorite USDA/Team Nutrition resource or webpage? Share in the comments below or email me -

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