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We're doing something new! Deliberative Forums: Remote Monitoring in the CACFP - Join us on 3/16

You know the CACFP Roundtable loves to bring the community together for insightful discussions to improve program practices and operations, and to guide policy recommendations. We are excited to try a new format to facilitate these conversations. We're going to try it out at our upcoming CACFP Roundtable Member Meeting on March 16, 2023.

The format is something public agencies and politicians sometimes use to authentically engage the community to determine policies, rules, and regulations that impact them. It is called "deliberative democracy." The idea is to approach a topic with an open mind and, with your fellow community members, discuss the possible options and the pros and cons of those options. We're bringing it to CACFP! The forums start with an issue brief that includes background and options to further guide rich deliberation with our community. As community members, we ask you to prepare by reviewing the issue brief. The Roundtable will moderate the discussion. We are calling this our "CACFP Deliberative Forums" and we're starting with the topic of Remote Monitoring.

Deliberative Forum #1: Remote Monitoring in the CACFP


Date: March 16, 2023 (member meeting open to all)

Time: 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. PST

Why are we having this discussion?

USDA FNS has issued guidance regarding the end of the public health emergency and remote monitoring. The USDA FNS guidance and requirements are to go back to pre pandemic rules, regulations, and policies. Prior to taking a stance on policy recommendations to USDA and CDSS CACFP Branch, the CACFP Roundtable would like to have a community discussion to deliberate on the policies and procedures that worked well, didn't work well, or didn't even matter during the flexibilities provided for remote monitoring during the pandemic. It's important for us to discuss varied thoughts, perspectives, experiences, and ideas to make a more accessible and sustainable CACFP.

Why are we using this format?

We are using this format to 1) understand the different experiences from the operators of CACFP during the remote monitoring flexibilities, and 2) think about together, as a representative community, what innovative monitoring can look like for the future of CACFP! We encourage all components of CACFP, all perspectives, and all levels of experience to participate in this discussion. CACFP policy impacts all of us and your voice matters. Have a seat at the table!

Join us for this exciting deliberation with your CACFP community - we're excited to host you. Read the Issue Brief and Register here and see you on March 16th over Zoom!


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