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Wondering how our virtual conference is going to work? We've got you covered...

If you've been on the virtual conference circuit over the last few months, you'll notice there are certain nuances to each one. Some have all live sessions, some have a mixture of both, some are webinar style, some are zoom meeting style, some have keynotes and some don't. We have been listening to our members and taking all of the options in and this is the format we've landed on! The best of both worlds prerecorded sessions to take in at your leisure and then a live Q&A with your colleagues and presenters. So, let me lay out for you how this is going to work.

Plan, Plan, Plan

  • On November 16 at 7:00 a.m., you will have access to all of the prerecorded (on demand) sessions. Use this day to watch the sessions that you are interested in interacting with colleagues and presenters during the live 30 minute Q&As which are scheduled on the following two days.

  • On November 17th and 18th, there are plenaries and live sessions which are not going to be on demand until after the conference.

  • See the full list of conference sessions and the At-A-Glance Agenda. Get out your calendar and start planning!

  • Access to on demand content throughout the conference and 30 days afterward! No pressure to watch all of the sessions in the three days - just the ones in which you want to have interaction with the presenters and your CACFP Community.

  • Cook Along Conference Kick-Off! We'll be sending out a recipe to the conference registrants, you get the ingredients and your favorite beverage and we'll cook with Top Chef Giselle Wellman at 4:00 p.m on March 16th.

It's Important to Install Google Chrome Browser

The beautiful and highly functional virtual conference platform will ONLY work on a Google Chrome Browser. If you don't already have it, install it. If you need your IT administrative guys to do it, submit your tickets now! Here's how you do it.

CACFP Community Conversations

The CCFP Roundtable has heard, and really has always known, that one of the best parts of the our conference is the open dialogue between our CACFP community members. This is why we've chosen a format that really gives us a platform to talk to each other during these live Q&As. So, don't hesitate to raise your hand, turn on your camera and talk with your peers! It's so nice to see each others' faces and it inspires conversation (instead of a moderator reading from a chat box - you know what I'm talking about!)

NOW REGISTER! Registration and everything else you want to know can be found here. Registration closes in 3 weeks, don't miss out on learning with your CACFP Community from the comfort of your desk. We're excited to have you.


Just a few of the amazing presenters you can expect to see and talk with at the Annual Roundtable CACFP Conference.

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