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Conference Tracks

The Annual CACFP Conference tracks are designed to inspire presentations and discussions that are timely, relevant, and push us to grow. 

Back to Basics/ CACFP 101
  • Returning to CACFP operations without certain flexibilities in place

  • Information for new staff or new roles

Program & Operation Management

  • Best practices for operating your CACFP program

  • Innovative application of practice

  • Budgeting, Serious deficiency, Program integrity, monitoring, procurement preparing for reviews

Nutrition & Eating Environments 

  • Best practices for meal service

  • Addressing different dietary needs during meal service such as allergies and parent preferences

  • Food safety, meal planning, menu planning, shopping on a budget

Advocacy & Outreach

  • Best practices for implementing state or federal policy

  • Innovative application of policy

  • Advocacy for child nutrition, access to equitable meals and CACFP

  • Educating the public about CACFP

  • Recruiting providers and programs to get back on the CACFP

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

This track will focus on addressing issues and opportunities related to equity, access, diversity, social justice, and anti-racism in CACFP. This intersectional track, which will highlight both academic research and community-based practices, will explore:

CACFP and... 

  • Social, economic, and other poverty-related factors

  • Culturally sensitive and responsive meal service

  • Anti-racism practices and pedagogy

  • Practices for advancing racial and social justice in our workplaces, sites, and communities

Professional Growth and Self Care

  • Innovation and best practices that support your staff, sites, and the community in our “new normal,” including mental health supports, and more

  • Supporting professional development throughout the different aspects of the CACFP

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