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Conference Tracks

The Annual CACFP Conference tracks are designed to inspire presentations and discussions that are timely, relevant, and push us to grow. 

We are listening! You told us that you wanted more beginner workshops AND you told us you wanted more advanced workshops. We want to meet you where you are and we want to make it easy to know which workshops are for beginners and which are for those who are looking for "next level" content. Our workshops will be tagged as either beginner or advanced, so that you can find the level that is just right for you.

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Below is a descriptive list of workshop content that we expect to be available at our Annual CACFP Conference. This is not a schedule of workshops (that will get released in late summer/early fall 2024), and this is not an exhaustive list -- we welcome different and new ideas! Our conference workshops will highlight community-based experiences, best practices, academic research, policy guidance, and lots of fresh thinking. CACFP Roundtable will work with our presenters to incorporate the basic tennets of adult learning, with a goal that each presentation is engaging and fun.

Program Operations
  • Best practices for operating your CACFP program

  • Implementation of federal and state policies

  • Returning to pre-pandemic rules

  • Innovative application of practice

  • Budgeting, serious deficiency, program integrity, monitoring, procurement, preparing for reviews

Nutrition & Eating Environments 

  • Best practices for meal service

  • Addressing special dietary needs during meal service, such as allergies and parent preferences

  • Food safety, meal planning, menu planning, shopping on a budget

Advocacy, Research, & Outreach​​

  • Advocacy for child nutrition, access to equitable meals and CACFP

  • Educating the public about CACFP

  • Recruiting providers and programs to get back on the CACFP

  • Strategies for fundraising, including innovative partnerships and programs

  • New and recent research related to the field of CACFP

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

This intersectional track will explore CACFP and... 

  • Race, gender, nativism, ability differences, LGBTQIA+, and other social identities

  • Economic and poverty-related factors

  • Culturally competent meal service and business practices

Professional Growth & Self Care

  • Innovation and best practices that support your staff, sites, and the community in our “new normal,” including mental health supports, and more

  • Supporting professional development throughout the different aspects of the CACFP

Call for Presenters will open in February/March 2024 - please check back soon for more updated information. Below is a tentative speaker conference timeline, subject to change.

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