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  • How can I receive the member rate for registration?
    Become a member! Learn more here. Once we open conference registration for the Annual CACFP Conference, you first will be asked to enter your email address. If you have an active and fully paid CACFP Roundtable membership, your email will be recognized and you will automatically be placed on a member registration pathway. If your email address is not recognized in our system, you will get placed on the non-member pathway. It may be that your admin/parent member needs to add your email to their account. You can find simple instructions for how to do that here. If you still need help accessing your membership, please contact Elyse Homel Vitale at
  • Why am I receiving reminders of invoices when my agency says they’ve already paid?
    If you opted for the “invoice me” option when registering, the system creates an invoice and leaves it as open until marked paid. Our registration system sends out the reminders automatically. We do not mark invoices as paid unless we have received the payment (e.g., check by mail or online payment). Once the payment has been received, the reminders will stop automatically.
  • I did not receive confirmation of registration. How can I confirm that I am registered?
    If you did not register yourself or if you were registered with a group, confirmations were created and sent to registered attendees. If you registered yourself or submitted a registration on someone’s behalf but did not receive a confirmation, please contact Elyse Homel Vitale at
  • I need help with my registration. Who do I contact?
    If you need help registering a large group to one of our events, getting the member rates, or accessing your CACFP Roundtable member account,please contact Elyse Homel Vitale at
  • How do I register a big group?
    The registration form for this event is housed in CACFP Roundtable’s member portal. This system allows attendees to: Register themselves Register their colleagues individually Register their colleagues as a group Automatically receive an invoice for their registration(s) Gain access to outstanding invoices and submit online payments Registration Step-by-Step Log into your CACFP Roundtable account or create an account Register yourself first: Once logged in, all of your personal details (name, email, address, etc.) that are currently saved on your profile will be automatically populated. If you wish to register your colleagues, make sure they are first added to your account and then, simply click on their name at the bottom of the form. Hot tip: Make sure the parent member on your account has added your email address; if not you will not access member rates or be able to easily link to others in your organization. For any questions regarding registration, membership, or other inquiries, please contact Elyse Homel Vitale at
  • Does payment have to be made to register or attend?
    Payments are not required at the time of registration. Invoices will be sent promptly to registrants. Payment is required to attend. If payment has not been received by the date of the conference, please come prepared to pay (paper check in hand or credit card can be processed on site at the registration table). Please contact Elyse Homel Vitale at if you have any questions.
  • Can I cancel my registration?
    Conference cancellations must be received in writing no later than September 18, 2024. All cancellations are subject to a $100 administrative fee. No refunds will be granted after September 18, 2024; however, substitutions without penalty are welcome. No refunds will be given for no-shows. Partial refunds will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for situations involving documented flight or medical emergencies within four days of the conference start date. To be considered for a refund, requests must be submitted in writing via
  • Can I substitute another staff member on my registration?
    Substitutions are permitted; however, notification must be received in writing with the subject line: “Conference Substitution.” In the body of your email, send the name of the original registrant and the name of the person substituting to by the registration deadline. If the event is in person, substitutions can also be made on-site at the conference registration desk. All changes, including name updates and editing information, can be done on-site. If someone is coming to replace a pre-registered attendee, they will sign for the items of the pre-registered attendee and receive a new badge on-site. If you have further questions, contact Kellie Konysky at
  • I can no longer attend the event due to extenuating circumstances, what do I do?
    Cancellations due to extenuating circumstances (i.e., death, accident, serious illness) will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, must be submitted in writing, include appropriate verification, and must be received by CACFP Roundtable prior to the start of the conference. No refunds will be granted for any reason after the conference has ended. All cancellations are subject to a $100 administrative fee. Please contact Kellie Konysky at to further discuss.
  • When is my payment due?
    Payments must be paid within 30 days of the date of invoice or by the start of the conference, whichever comes first.
  • Do I need to update my vendor system to process the payment for my registration?
    Maybe! In 2021 CACFP Roundtable separated from our former fiscal sponsor and became an independent 501(c)3 organization. Payment via check can only be processed if it is made out to “CACFP Roundtable.” Here’s our W9 that you can send to your accounting department.
  • Will a certificate be given for the conference?
    Yes, at the end of the event an email will go out with the link to the certificate. Please keep in mind that only one certificate will be given for the entire event.
  • Do you offer continuing education units?
    We do not. But if this is something you would like to see at future conferences, please send us that feedback:
  • There is no printed conference program? Why and how do I access information about the conference?
    We all need a little less paperwork in CACFP, right?! In an effort to go green and cut back on wasted paper, we are using a conference app called “Whova.” We will not be providing the traditional printed conference program booklet as we have in years past. Whova is an event app that is designed to help attendees be more productive at events, e.g. browse event brochures and set personalized schedules, network with the right people even before or after an event, and get real-time event updates, and more. This is our first time using it, so feel free to tell us what you think! We will have a few printed schedule summaries available at the registration table.
  • Is Whova free?
    As an attendee of the Annual CACFP Conference, Whova is free to use. CACFP Roundtable has taken care of the fees.
  • When will we be able to access Whova?
    You will receive an email with all the information about Whova the week before the conference.
  • Do we need to make an account to access Whova?
    No, all registered participants will be uploaded into Whova prior to the event. The only thing you will need to do is set up a password. You will receive instructions from Whova on how to set that up.
  • Which mobile platforms does Whova support?
    Whova provides native apps for Android and iOS, including smartphones and tablets.
  • I don’t have a smartphone. Am I going to miss out on conference information?
    Attendees who do not have an iPhone or an Android can use a Web App on their tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. The Web App has almost the same comprehensive features as the Mobile App. We will send you a URL via email the week before the conference, that will allow you to access the conference information through a browser.
  • Do I need to download the Whova app to be able to participate in the event?
    No, the app is not required to participate in the event; however, it is strongly suggested to download the app since it offers some features that make interacting more pliable and exciting.
  • What if I do not download the app? Will I miss out on announcements?
    When there are messages sent or announcements sent through the Whova app, it will connect to the attendees’ email so that even if you don’t download the app or are not connected afterward, you will still get notified.
  • I’m new to this and need help navigating Whova.
    We’ve got you covered! Check out this quick video about Whova for some basics about how to use the app.
  • How and where can I find session materials?
    Session materials can be found at the bottom of the session listing, past the session description and speaker bio. You can find the session by clicking on the agenda tab, finding the session, and clicking the session. You can also find the materials under resources and documents. There you will find a list of all documents that have been uploaded to Whova. Please keep in mind that the documents will not be divided into sessions there.
  • What if there are not any materials listed?
    If no materials are listed in the session, it means the presenter either did not use/provide us with any or you might have to reach out to the presenter to ask for the materials personally.
  • Will my notes be visible to others? And how long will I be able to access them?
    Notes will only be visible to you and will be available for 90 days.
  • Can I continue to use the Whova app to keep in touch with fellow attendees?
    Absolutely! You can follow up with the people you met or those you couldn’t connect with during the event through the in-app messages, e-business card requests, and Bulletin Board posts.
  • What can I do with the Whova app after the event is over?
    The Whova app will allow you to receive updates about future events from your event organizers. And most of all, many events worldwide use Whova, so in the future if you attend any other events, you do not need to download the app again. You can keep and use the Whova app as a central place to manage all your event networking activities.
  • Other tips for using Whova?
    You may want to bring a portable phone charger to the conference, since you will be using your phone a lot! Also, if you are using a work phone, make sure to download the app before you get to the conference, to avoid possible issues with obtaining permission. Lastly, if you have used Whova before, the app may remember you. Double check that your name and affiliation are as you'd like for them to appear for this Annual CACFP Conference.
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