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Basics on the CN Labels and Reducing Added Sugars: April resources from the Institute of Child Nutrition

Happy Springtime!

This month the Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN) is hosting a CACFP 101 webinar called Basics of Child Nutrition Labels and Product Formulation Statements. In this webinar you will explore best practices and valuable tips for effectively navigating Child Nutrition labels and product formulation statements. Gain insight into deciphering these labels and how they can help you during food product selection and menu planning in the CACFP. It's on April 16, 2024 at 12:00 pacific time. Register here.

The April Mealtime Memo focuses on Reducing Added Sugars. Understand the difference between natural and added sugars, how to find added sugars, health consequeneces of too much sugar, reading nutrition facts labels, tips for reducing added sugars and some menu ideas.

You can find these and a plethora of other resources on ICN's website, including past CACFP 101 webinars and Mealtime Memos.


California CACFP Operators, don't forget the mandatory training is available on the Bright Track training platform and there is an upcoming CACFP Stay Connected Quarterly Webinar on April 24th, register here.


Call for presentation proposals for the Annual CACFP Conference is still open. Click here to share your valuable CACFP insights and expertise.

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