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Bonita, CA - CACFP Field Representative

"I am a field service representative. I have been a monitor for the last 15 years. I consider myself a very social person I enjoy my job, being able to provide a job that is fulfilling and makes me feel like I am doing my part to help feed children. Educate and train my providers on nutrition. We have not been out on the road since Friday March 13th, and I have settled into my new normal reality for the time being. When once I used get up and be excited to visit my providers and see the faces smiling of many children looking at me while they enjoy there meals. I now wake up to being confined to one space in my home, trying to shut out every thing that is going around me while working from home. Being that we are able to work remotely. It is a blessing when so many around me have either lost there job or have had there hours cut, when I get ready to start complaining I stop and think of all of the wonderful things that my agency does and how amazing they are, along with all of the wonderful things that we as CACFP do and provide for our providers it makes me all the more grateful. I am anticipating the day we can return to our normal lives, I will stop and take in the fresh air, at look up blue skies and breath in the scent of the blooming flowers. Thank you for allowing me to share." ~ Jennifer

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