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Family Child Care Providers throughout CA excited to talk Nutrition, Health,& Wellness @ the Summit

In October almost 100 family child care providers across the state of California are coming together to learn from content experts and applied experts (i.e. each other) about nutrition, health, and wellness in a family child care setting. These family child care providers participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and have been invited through a variety of channels. We're excited to discuss infant feeding, standardizing/crediting your own recipes for CACFP, physical activity, and advocacy for CACFP and child care! We have experts joining us from across the country to teach and inspire conversation among attendees.

A fun and unique opportunity for family child care providers throughout the diverse state of California to come together and talk health and wellness - not only for the children in their care - but for themselves as well.

Providers share in these quotes what they are looking forward to at the summit.

Agenda for the Summit

- Breakfast

- Welcome from CACFP Roundtable, Benu Chhabra - Family Child Care Provider and Advocate, and CDSS CACFP Branch

- Breastfeeding and Introductions to Solids with PHFE WIC's Shontel Suarez and Benu Chhabra, Family Child Care Provider

- Standardizing Your Own Recipes: Crediting Components with Heather Burkhead-Goins with the Institute of Child Nutrition

- Body Shakes and Brain Waves with author Angela Russ-Ayon

- Plated Lunch to talk with each other and enjoy

- You're Making a Good CACFP Even Better with a panel of advocates including Geri Henchy with the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), Benu Chhabra, Joyceline Felix with Home Grown, and Samantha Marshall from CACFP Roundtable

- Family Child Care Advocates are Being Heard in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. too! with Nancy Wyatt, Family Child Care Provider and the California Family Child Care Provider Network, Mary Beth Salomone Testa of MBST Solutions LLC

- Recipe exchange and closing

- Celebration and Reception

We plan on doing this next year, how would you like to see it happen?! email me:

Thank you to the funders who saw the value and importance in this unique and important opportunity for family child care providers on the CACFP.


Time is running out to join us at the 32nd Annual CACFP Conference. The full program is live and rooms are going fast! Register now.

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