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Government shut down averted...for now: an update and what a shutdown would mean for CACFP

No Shut Down for Now

Yesterday, January 18, Congress voted to pass a continuing resolution, or a stop gap bill, which extends last fiscal year's spending levels. It is similar to what happened inOctober 2023, and there are two new deadline dates March 1, and March 8th, to fully fund the government for the year (Cowan et al., 2024).

What does a government shutdown mean for CACFP?

A Government shutdown does not directly impact the availability of funds for reimbursement in the CACFP in the short-term. In the past, USDA issued guidance that allowed payments to proceed on a temporary basis and state agencies normally receive quarterly deposits of federal CACFP funds from USDA to disburse to program operators. This is the email that the CA state agency sent out in October 2023 about this topic. We’ll continue to keep you updated and let us know if any of this impacts your programs.

Unfortunately, WIC, does not have the same appropriations process and the program is at risk during these times of turmoil (but not immediately in CA). Learn more about other food-specific programs that could (or not) be impacted by a shutdown.

More Information about shutdowns in general

Since it seems as though this is not the last time we’ll be wondering about a government shutdown here’s some extra information. Learn about what government shutdowns can mean for the public and the federal government on the Partnership for Public Service resource website. 

We'll continue to keep you abreast of the situation and how it might impact your programs and the families you serve.


We can discuss more at our upcoming January 24th member meeting, which we are opening up to the general CACFP community this month! Learn more here.

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