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Grab-n-Go Community of Practice Meeting

The CCFP Roundtable held it's second community of practice meeting last month. Our first one revolved around remote visits and we created this Remote Review Protocol Guide for the Child and Adult Care Food Program based on the discussions and conversations the community had.

Our latest community of practice was centered around Grab-n-Go/Bulk Meals in the CACFP. As our CACFP community leverages the waivers USDA issued and then extended through June 2021. We asked attendees what the top takeaways from our meeting were and we wanted to share with you!

Top Take Aways

  • I didn't know we had to have a menu with our bulk grab-n-go meals!

  • I learned the "And Justice For All Poster" needs to be displayed at the pick-up location.

  • I found out there was a new Integrity Plan document

  • I heard that day care providers need to send a menu home with the grab-n-go meals

  • Will put into practice the creation of a binder to save all documentation related to implementation waiver.

  • That we are better together. The collaboration was great. I was able to share great information with others at my workplace.

  • Love the sharing and learning how other agencies are doing things. Also, this is a very good opportunity to find out about guidance from CDE that we wouldn't otherwise find out about. Looking forward to other CoP topics!

  • I enjoyed the sense of community.

What type of Community of Practice would you like to be a part of? Let us know right here!

What was the Community of Practice Meeting like?

We talked about best practices, success stories, had questions answered by the California Department of Education (CDE) and most importantly enjoyed a safe space to have conversations with each other about our experiences.

We opened the meeting with an overview and presentation by CDE representatives in which they answered questions that were submitted prior to the meeting. We then opened it up for a Q&A with CDE. Once the questions were answered, CDE left the meeting and we heard from Julia Rautner from PACE Head Start, Violet Oquendo with Options for Learning, Deborah Zaragosa with Child Development Associates, and Betty Crocker with Redlands Unified School District. It was inspirational and enlightening to hear the stories from the different programs. How they rolled out their grab-n-go and/or bulk meal distribution programs, the families and children that were served because of sponsors and providers quick actions and some continuing documentation experience.

After the presentations, we broke into small groups to discuss and learn further from each other.


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