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Help Educate Policymakers: CACFP is a Hunger Relief Program!

The California Legislature has a blind spot when it comes to understanding the Child and Adult Care Food Program and the important role that child care and after school programs play in alleviating hunger in our communities. Help us educate our policy makers!

On Tuesday, November 17 at 1pm (yes, right in the middle of our virtual conference), the California Senate Human Services Committee is holding an informational hearing ,"Fighting Hunger: Food Assistance for Vulnerable Populations During the COVID-19 Pandemic." There is not a single person on the agenda who will be representing child care settings, but we have the opportunity to submit written comments (in-person attendance is discouraged).

Informational hearings are educational and meant to help guide legislators as they enter into a new legislative session. Let's make sure they know the value of your food programs and understand your experiences of feeding kids in child care and afterschool programs.

Written comments or testimony can be provided directly to the committee via email (, Committee Assistant).

Keep it simple! Write an email that includes:

  • Your name

  • Your organization

  • A personal story that describes the importance of providing healthy meals and snacks in child care and afterschool programs.

  • An action item for the Legislature, such as "Please create state funds, just like we have for school meals, that can support organizations like mine in serving healthy food to kids in our care."

Questions? Contact Elyse.

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