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USDA Publishes Proposed Rule: Serious Deficiency Process in the CACFP and Summer Food Service Program

This is one of the steps before including the items within the proposed in the regs, 7 CFR 226, that we all refer to and follow.

Open for Public Comment until May 21, 2024. Since this is a proposed rule, we get to share our thoughts and feedback about it with USDA FNS and they must read, analyze, and account for each and every comment. In the final rule there will be a summary of the feedback that was provided during the comment period and why they chose to approach the final rule the way that they did.

The serious deficiency process is one that has long been pointed to as a challenge in the CACFP and we have an opportunity to share with USDA what we love about the proposed rule, what we think might make it better, and any red flags we see.

We're going to do this as a community.

We'll have a meeting in which we can discuss this all together and the Roundtable will do our best to make the proposed rule as digestable as possible. Stay tuned and let me know of questions, thoughts, etc!

Skim through the rule yourself to get a handle on what you feel you like or dislike in this proposed rule. We have until May 21, 2024, to submit comments.


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