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Welcome to the CACFP 2020 Virtual Conference Archive

Enjoy premier CACFP professional development from the comfort of your device.

For just $10.00 each you can access our conference sessions focused around CACFP and the current times. With your purchase you have unlimited viewing.  You can also become a member and access the archive for free.  Take a peek at what people have said about these informational, engaging and relevant sessions.  Click here.

Confernce Recordings


All Aboard the Grains Train! Team Nutrition Tools for Grains Ounce Equivalents

Great  information and resources reinforced.  I really like all the new training worksheets!

COVID-19, Flu and You: Grab & Go Resources to Share with your Child Care Programs

Clear and concise presentation.  Great links to resources!

How Can Sponsors and Child Care Providers Rebuild in the Midst of a a Pandemic?

Great presentation, I appreciate all the advice on helping providers stay on the food program and the guidance on how to recruit providers.

What People Say

Innovative Nourishment During the Pandemic

Incorporating a Race Equity Lens into Nutrition Programming

Excellent and informative.  I have seen so many presentations on racism, bias, and equity of late.  Mr. Green's presentation was refreshing and informative.  It was not heavy handed, but clearly made the point.  I loved his strategies for building a diverse, equitable Team. His approach and ideas are refreshing and inspiring. I loved hearing his personal journey and the history of his family.  Simply, inspirational!  Thanks so much for sharing his resources and his agency website!

Innovative Nourishment During the Pandemic

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Keeping Your Team Motivated...


Good information and tools for changing our response to meet current needs

Afterschool Meals and Beyond: Tapping into Federal Funding to Support Your Program

Great in-depth, detailed, concise,  presentation.  Information filled--amazing resources!  I will have to watch again to break down and detail the resources that he provided.  It was an amazing wealth of resources, many I had never heard of, but feel would be quite beneficial.  I am so thankful that I watch this presentation--I almost passed it by.  He was truly an excellent, knowledgeable presenter.  Thanks so much!

Developing & Strengthening Family Resiliency in Times of Crisis

Great information to share with our families , also with staff, we have to in good health physically and mentally in order to help other.

Standards for Conducting Remote Monitoring for Home Sponsors

very helpful.  I am always curious how others are conducting these reviews and try to incorporate certain things into our protocols.  Thank you!

How Can Sponsors and Child Care Providers Rebuild in the Midst of a Pandemic?

Excellent Resources, guidance and information. This is the kind of information that you can use and draw on regularly.  I am so appreciative for his excellent recording and live session. His resources and web page are invaluable.  Thanks so much for the free resources and availability to ask important, meaningful questions.  Especially when they are few resources such as this!  Awesome presenter

Keeping Your Team Motivated Remotely

Excellent, Inspirational speaker.  Fun and Function filled resources with practical, inspirational ideas!  Tammy and her Cohort were pleasant and enjoyable to watch.  It was fun to be invited to the lively discussion and exchange.  I am eager to engage and participate in many of their processes.  I think the resources and ideas will be inspirational, motivational and healing.  Very positive and uplifting  Well done, ladies!  Thank you!

Tools for Remote Monitoring & Effective Desk Audits

Superb presentation, one of the best of the conference!  Clear, concise, detailed--exemplary examples and detailed step by step explanation for each task.  Easy to understand and follow along--Fabulous!

Mental Wellness: Nourishing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

A very informative and helpful presentation. It provided some guided practices that I already shared in a training I hosted yesterday.

Nourishment as a Protective Factor

Great session. Very thought provoking and informative. You did a great job!

Policy Plenary

Its always great to hear from Geri and the USDA.  Thank you for taking the time today to explain what is currently happening.

Schools and Suppers: Maximizing Participation in CACFP At-Risk During COVID-19

Great session. Thanks everyone for learning on the fly and where can we get our own Betty??

Taking Nutrition Health and Wellness Online

Many great ideas! Thanks!

Standards for Conducting Remote Monitoring for Home Sponsors

Great job, very informative and well prepared.  Love the power point presentation and the reiterating of documentation and making sure we have multiple ways of communicating with providers.

Tools for Remote Monitoring and Effective Desk Audits

Session was very informative and interactive.  I appreciate all the detail work provided during this training. 

Zoom: Technical Tips and Best Practices

Excellent Presentation!  Thank you so much.  So Clarifying, concise, information filled and easily comprehended! I appreciate the concentration of such detailed information in such a detailed, clear, concise, organized format!  One of the best presentations & trainings that I have ever attended! 

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