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CACFP Virtual Monitoring: Different Needs = Needed Flexibility

In March we had our very first deliberative forum about remote/virtual monitoring. Aside from having an awesome time talking together and brainstorming together about the needs of CACFP focused on monitoring, we learned several things that were common among the group. 1) everyone loves seeing the kids and connecting with them and have missed hearing "the food lady is here!," 2) relationships and connecting are an integral part of the monitoring process in CACFP, 3) different CACFP programs/components have different needs and 4) we need the flexibilities in place so CACFP can meet people where they are.

Advocacy to get allow these flexibilities is still under way and will continue at the state and federal levels. CACFP Roundtable will continue to be a part of these advocacy efforts and when it is time to mobilize, we will tell you when and how! For now, here is the one-pager we put together about what we heard and learned. We'll be creating a longer document discussing the varied ideas, thoughts, and experiences. Stay Tuned!


Submit your proposal to present at the 32nd Annual CACFP Conference. Proposals are due on May 31. Don't delay!

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