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#CACFPChampion – Celebrate National CACFP Week with YOUR Story!

Join us in supporting, advocating, and advancing the right to a healthy meal.

Have you heard about CACFP? It's a critical source of healthy meals and snacks for children in child care and afterschool programs and adults in day care facilities. In fact, more than 2 billion meals are served through CACFP each year, with more than 80% going to individuals with low-incomes.It's National CACFP Week (March 15-21, 2020) and to honor the people who make the program work every day, we are celebrating the champions of CACFP. These #CACFPChampions are cooks, administrative staff, providers and more; people doing incredible work with little recognition.

"Participating in CACFP brings smiles to the children's faces. The children delight in their meals and when their tummies are full, they are happy." --Yola, La Escuelita, Oxnard, CA

This is Yola and Veronica, cooks and #CACFPChampions at La Escuelita Migrant Center in Oxnard, CA. Yola and Veronica serve meals and snacks to toddler and preschool children every school day.

"CACFP is an opportunity to teach children to eat a variety of foods, learn to like new foods, and expose children to new foods. Our Migrant menus offer culturally sensitive recipes but the menus also offer exposure to foods not typically eaten at home and the children have learned to like a variety of foods." --Veronica, La Escuelita, Oxnard, CA

What's your #CACFPChampion story?

We invite you to join the campaign and share your story. Please help spread the word by using any of the digital assets below on your social media pages, just right click and save the images to your computer.

The CCFP Roundtable (a project of Community Partners 501c3 nonprofit organization) advocates for access to the CACFP and the people who are served by the program. Your contribution (no matter how small!) helps us shed light on this important program, lift up the #CACFPChampions that make it work, and expand access for even more young kids and older adults that could benefit from nutritious meals and snacks.

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