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Child Care Organizations & Advocates Urge State to Seek Flexibilities to Modernize CACFP, Improve Access to Nutritious Meals, & Create a More Sustainable Nutrition Program

CACFP Roundtable with 77 organizations sent a letter to Governor Newsom and State Leaders imploring the state of California to submit a waiver application to allow flexibilities regarding onsite monitoring in the CACFP.

We have talked with the community about what it was like when remote monitoring was allowed and the challenges the community is experiencing in light of the removal of onsite monitoring flexibilities.

It's difficult to retain or hire new staff to do onsite monitoring, driving from site to site decreases the quality of the visit and puts stress on the monitor. It's costly, inefficient, and ineffective.

An entire community shifted to policies and procedures that upheld the rules and regulations of CACFP through virtual/remote monitoring.

This continues to be a priority for CACFP Roundtable and we will continue to pull levers where and when we can to urge allowance of the onsite monitoring flexibilities.

Remote Monitoring Waiver -Advocacy Letter - Feb2024
Download PDF • 337KB


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