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Clarification for CA Sponsors of Family Child Care Homes re: Permanent Agreement with Provider

There was some confusion among CACFP Sponsors of Family Child Care Homes about the updated "Form DCH 16 Permanent Agreement Between a Sponsor and a Day Care Home Provider." The confusion was around whether or not Sponsors had to update their current agreements with all of their current providers because there was an updated form. This is NOT the case. The agreements are for new providers and moving forward using this form for newly entered agreements.

"Any existing agreement [between a sponsoring organization and their providers] is still binding and will not be invalidated due to the publication of the updated form" (CDSS, 2022).

You can find the email bulletin here.


Upcoming Pop-Up Event

Additionally, mark your calendars for April 18th at 2:00 p.m. and attend our CACFP Roundtable/CDSS Pop-Up to further discuss. This is a great opportunity to share our experiences with the CDSS and impact how the program can grow from this crisis. Register here. And fill out the waiver survey here!

Join us and Friends of the Earth on April 26th for a discussion about Climate-Friendly, Plant-Based Meals in Educational Settings. Register here.


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