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Did you hear? The Take Action Challenge is Back - this time with cash prizes

CACFP Sponsors!  TLFCCI has decided to challenge sponsors to get re-energized and creative and invites you to step up to the 2020 CACFP take ACTION Challenge.

Who is eligible? California non-profit child and adult care food program sponsors of centers and family day care homes. Or a sponsor is eligible outside of California if you are a CCFP Roundtable Member.

What is the challenge? The share plans to retain and recruit child care providers, centers or homes. CACFP Sponsors Helping CACFP Sponsors. That is what we will be doing by participating in this challenge. Let's get creative! Your organization could be one of the awardees of the 2020 CACFP take ACTION Challenge. 

What is the prize? TLFCCI is sponsoring the 2020 CACFPtake ACTION Challenge with cash awards for 10 lucky Child and Adult Care Food Program Sponsors (CACFP). Nine $1,000.00 awardees and one Grand Prize awardee of $5,000.00.

Why? ​These are trying times for Child Care businesses and the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Sponsors. The child care system was in crisis even before COVID-19 and now it is on the brink.  Home and center-based child care businesses are closing their doors at a rapid rate.  This obviously impacts the parents and children losing their child care provider.  There is another part of the child care system that is being significantly impacted - non-profit sponsors of the Child and Adult Care Food Program.  TLFCCI knows this.  The CCFP Roundtable knows this.  


Don't forget to register for the CCFP Roundtable Virtual Conference! We've thoughtfully curated 20 sessions, live and pre-recorded, all sessions will be interactive with live Q&As with the presenters.

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