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Did you know that General Mills has a special CACFP website?

General Mills and the Bell Institute have put together resources to help providers use their products easily, recipes for both industrial kitchens and family child care homes, and other resources.

Did you know they have a CACFP Creditable stamp on their products? It is on some of their yogurt products and more!

There are also lists of creditable products.


The resources include simple single page guides to figure out if cereals and yogurts are within the qualifying sugar limits and some help with full pan sheet one ounce equivalents.

Recipes include breads, muffins, smoothies and more. For the larger yields check this out and for 10-18 servings look at this page.


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General Mills CACFP is a generous sponsor of the CCFP Roundtable Conference. This is not an endorsement by the CCFP Roundtable.

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