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Higher CACFP Reimbursements for Child Care in California!

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Celebrate! After nearly 10 years of fighting to be heard, 10 years of beating the drum, 10 years of sharing stories, 10 years of advocating that CACFP and meals for young children matter – child care providers across California can now reclaim the state-funded reimbursement for meals served through the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

It's back and it's better than before!

Today Governor Newsom announced a budget deal that reinstates the California CACFP Meal Reimbursement, which reimburses:

>> Child care centers $0.24 for every breakfast and lunch served through CACFP to children from low-income households
>> Family child care homes $0.24 for 75% of the breakfasts and lunches served through CACFP (Tier 1 & Tier 2)

The CACFP Roundtable will work with the California Departments of Social Services and Education to ensure smooth, ongoing distribution of the funds.

We whole-heartedly celebrate this budget win, and at the same time, we also recognize that the reimbursement is made available for only one segment of CACFP. As we look forward, what kind of investments and innovative policies would you like to see California adopt? Maybe it's reimbursement for afterschool and adult day care programs? Or universally free meals for all kids in child care?! Tell us your thoughts about what should come next.

THANK YOU for your perseverance and undeterred advocacy communicating the importance of CACFP and meals in child care. Together we were successful in our advocacy and together we will continue to push for other improvements and supports that allow CACFP to better serve the people in our communities.

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