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January 2021 CACFP Town Hall

Last week, we had our 5th virtual Town Hall for the CACFP community. The Roundtable changed their regularly scheduled in person member meetings to virtual town halls, open to a greater audience, to help CACFP pivot and continue to do the good work during the pandemic. We can't believe we're doing them a year later.

We also miss our more intimate and dynamic conversations so we've started members meetings after the larger town hall webinar. Become a member and join us!

Our partners on the webinar included the National CACFP Forum, Food Research and Action Center, the United States Department of Agriculture - Western Regional Office, the California Department of Education - Nutrition Services Division, and California Department of Social Services.

We learned about some CDE polices and the transition of child care programs and CACFP over to CDSS, the plethora of resources Team Nutrition has to guide us through the new year, recommendations made to President Biden's transition team and LAST BUT NOT LEAST an explanation from Geri Henchy about the CACFP provision that was passed in the latest stimulus package!

Below you'll find the recording. For previous Town Halls, you can find them here.

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