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Sign-on to show your support for a remote monitoring waiver for CACFP in California

Updated: Feb 15

CACFP Roundtable has written a letter to urge the Governor and state leaders for the state agency to write and submit to USDA FNS the 12(l) waiver for remote monitoring for CACFP in California. More than 60 orgranizations have already signed on. Read the letter here.

EXTENDED DEADLINE: Please sign on to show your organization's support using this quick form or fill it out below by close of business Friday, February 23. We will add all of the organizations signatures to the letter and send it to the Governor and state leaders next week. CACFP Roundtable will continue to follow up with them to further explain your story and experiences.

We have heard and continue to hear from the CACFP community, in particular from sponsors of family child care homes and unaffiliated centers, that the CACFP monitoring flexibilities improved access to meals served in CACFP and contributed to the sustainability of CACFP sponsors. Please, consider signing on.


Learn more and register for this online event with the Walking Classroom! Happening on February 28th at 10:00 a.m. pacific.


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