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Sneak Peek of three sessions at the CACFP Roundtable Conference

We are excited to give you a small preview of just a few of the excellent sessions we have curated for you! Take a look at a few minutes of these presentations and be sure you've registered if you haven't already. Also, note that this is preview mode, the presentations will air with corresponding slides when the conference goes live! Register now.

Developing & Strengthening Family Resiliency in Times of Crisis, Dr. Ernelyn Navarro, DM, BCC, CDWF, LCSW St. Mary Health Center Manager, Community Programs & Services

COVID-19, Flu and You: Grab & Go Resources to Share with Child Care Programs, Courtney Penn, MS and Kimberly Engleman, PhD, Child Care Aware of America

How Can Sponsors and Child Care Providers Rebuild in the Midst of a Pandemic, Tom Copeland

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