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Tell Governor Newsom to prioritize Food with Care

Sign a petition (link) to urge the Governor to support Food with Care (SB 1481)!

Take action today! This week, Governor Newsom will announce his latest state budget

priorities; tell him to prioritize nutrition for our youngest learners.

Click here to read and sign our petition telling the Governor to support Food with Care; this investment would:

  • Expand free child care meals to all kids by enabling all child care providers to receive the highest federal reimbursement rate for meals served.

  • Permanently eliminate the meal pay penalty, a lingering policy from a racist legacy of child care laws—still in place today— that undervalue and underpay labor historically performed by Black, Latina, and immigrant women.

And please take one additional minute to fill out this short form and upload your organization's logo to tell Legislative leaders to support the budget request as well.

Thank you for your support and advocacy!


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