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USDA Provides Clarification via Q&As Re: School Year for CACFP and more

On August 21, 2020, USDA released a Question and Answer Memo to child nutrition programs, including CACFP, providing clarification on questions related to operations during the school year 2020-2021 "Questions and Answers for the Child Nutrition Programs during School Year 2020-2021 – #5."

Numbers 1 through 6 relate directly to National School Lunch and the Summer Breakfast Program during School Re-openings. Number 7 through 16 address the Meal Pattern and Potable Water - also related mostly to school nutrition programs.

Child care and Afterschool are directly addressed with numbers 17-19. They provide clarification for:

  • whether or not child care centers are required to serve non-congregate meals,

  • types of enrichment activities at-risk afterschool can provide if they are operating in a non-congregate setting, and

  • school-age children attending school virtually and also enrolled and attending child care - can they receive meals through both CACFP and school meal programs?

The last clarification is regarding school closures and SFSP/SSO.

Take a look at the clarifications, from what we've heard throughout the community, we know that the enrichment activities clarification and the school-age children in child care - learning virtually - is welcomed by our community!

Thank you to UDSA for providing these further clarifications.

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