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White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health: CACFP and Home-Based Child Care

Updated: May 2, 2023

Home Grown and CACFP Roundtable collaborated to bring the voice and lived experience of home-based child care providers and the impact adequate investment in CACFP can have on the goals of the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health. Today, July 15, is the last day to submit your own lived experiences and ideas directly to the White House. You can do that here.

Home Grown convened a diverse group of home-based child care providers to inform the recommendations. Illuminated throughout the letter is the commitment to ensure children are fed nutritious foods even though providers are not adequately compensated. It also emphasizes the conundrum of home-based child care providers ensuring healthy meals to the children in their care when they are experiencing hunger themselves.

“Home-based child care businesses like mine are carrying the weight of increased prices; families can't pay more and child care and food subsidies won't pay more so now the cost is mine.”

The letter emphasizes that with adequate investment the CACFP is a key vehicle to "ensure that children and the providers who care for them do not go hungry." The recommendations also include increased investments in the child care system as a whole, CACFP, and SNAP as well as eliminating barriers to state and federal programs.

Share your stories with us so we can continue to lift up the voice of those participating in and operating the CACFP.


Calling all presenters! The Annual CACFP Conference call for presenters closes July 31st Submit your presentation proposal today! Take a look at the tracks. Join us in October and share your expertise with the community in Sacramento. Submit your proposal today!

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